Friday, January 9, 2009

Vacation in Concan (last day)

Pat was nice and only destroyed us on the climbs.

Didn't get a chance to see what was on the menu

Not a climber...

but do like taking pictures.

Somewhere between Leakey and Vanderpool

Playing Hansel—leaving a Frito trail from Leakey to Concan.

Frio River & 1050

Vacation in Concan

muy frio nuebla..?

Strings of pearls

Garner State Park

Batman in deep thought

Frio River running through Garner State Park

John Trujillo taught Pat McCarty how to make tamales!

New Year's Day

Kim killing us with her intervals

Highway 83 between Leakey and Concan. Garner State Park is all the land on the left side of the road here.

I actually wussed out on my way back to the cabin and tried hitchhiking the 16 miles between Leakey and Concan. I succeeded briefly when a wrinkly old guy let me ride in the back of his truck for a mere three miles, but hey, it was better than nothin'. Not too exciting for my first hitchhiking experience. Oh well.

New Year's Eve Vacation in Concan, TX

Kim & John on our way back from Camp Wood

Mandatory front wheel photo.

Even though these are hills, this is one of my favorite stretches of road in the Leakey area—reminds me of a roller coaster or a set of bmx jumps.

Kim was nice enough to motor-pace us from Leakey to Concan at the end of our 4.5 hour ride. This was the first time I've motor-paced a car when the car was voluntarily letting me use it's draft. It was definitely nice to make it back to the cabin considerably earlier than we would have on our own power. Thanks, Kim!