Thursday, October 29, 2009

Livestrong, old footy, new bike

Lots of craziness going on in my life these days...

However, lots of things turning for the better.

I did the Livestrong ride the other day on my track bike. I'm dealing with an injury right now so I wasn't able to do the 90 mile with all my bros or get to talk uni-baller-ness with Lance. There's always next year, though. The good news is I have passed the 5 year mark since I did chemo for testicular cancer. What does this mean, you ask... Well, I am officially "cured" of cancer. Yay! No more expensive CT Scans and nasty gallons of barium sulfate to drink.

Some other good news is that my website is pretty much up and running. Check it out here.

I'm pretty stoked to have a new road bike soon from our team's new bike sponsor, Alchemy Bicycles. I think I'm about due for a new fit, so hopefully Dave over at Durata Training can get me hooked up once my new whip is built up.

I was organizing my external hard drive recently and ran across some old footage of me riding bmx at the skatepark in Liberty Hill and racing my old race car in Port Isabel, Corpus, and San Antonio. I miss the sound of those 4 little Honda cylinders screaming at me for more.

I'm about to try some Prolo Therapy with Brad Fullerton over at ProloAustin followed by some chiropractic work with Dr. Chandler Collins. Hopefully, my 2010 season will start off well with these two guys on my side.

Soooo many riders this year. It was awesome!

I rode in honor of Jane Miller, a friend's Mom who is fighting Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

My poor track bike was missing its matching front wheel, a massive gear, and the banked walls of the velodrome. Yes, that is a seat bag on a track bike... DON'T LAUGH!

Jake Conard and I cruising through the Great Southwest Trails in Fort Worth in the Fall of 2004

Ramp Ranch Spring of 2004 on one of the first Liquor frames with my geometry

Ramp Ranch early Spring of 2004 on a Terrible One Barcode thanks to Joe Rich