Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hot & Busy Weekend

John Trujillo and I met up and he rode with me to Buda. I continued on to San Marcos while he headed back to Austin for some Yoga. I ended up putting in about 4 hours on the bike with 14 or so 10-second sprints. I was pretty exhausted afterward, but still managed to make it into the office for 4 hours worth of work, then an awesome dinner.

Apparently I do not know how to NOT make stupid faces in photos... EVER.

Old San Antonio

Thanks to Jordan at Hufnagel Cycles for settin' me up on an amazing bike.

Austin Flyers/Julius break-in ride. We rolled out from Jo's Coffee and headed south to Buda, east for a bit, then further south. The pace was chill, the company was good, and the weather was actually pretty bearable on this Father's Day/Summer Solstice. This was Julius' first group ride and probably the hardest ride he's done so far. He took the heckling from the veterans pretty well and stayed upright the entire ride even though he somehow managed to run over some road kill while swerving from one side of the road to the other between two of us. Good job to Julius today.

After the ride, I came home just long enough to take a shower, grab some left-overs, and head to the office for what ended up being a 10-hour day. We did get a ton done, so kudos to my boss and I.

Sheri taking care of Julius

The crew hamming it up

Jared—photo victory!

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